The Cross Country Ski Areas Association has created a series of Zoom Round Table discussions to address important topics of specific operations in the COVID-19 world.

The next CCSAA Zoom Round Table will take place at 2pm EDT on Wednesday December 9 and will discuss learnings from recently opned ski area.   The call is open to current CCSAA members only.

Thanks to CCSAA for hosting the Round Table discussions during this time of Covid-19. We appreciate ski areas sharing solutions for the challenges we are all facing as we strive to offer the best possible lessons and services. We have so much in common with each other – the pandemic, working within the guidance of the medical officers of health, concern for the safety of staff, customers and community. The panel members’ willingness to share their strategies and observations provides us with industry-wide knowledge we can use to develop and adapt our service plans.

Jean Funk

Strathcoma Wilderness Center

Since the pandemic started, we have been faced with modifying every single thing we do at CB Nordic. It has been extremely helpful to have the CCSAA Round Tables where we can bounce ideas off of each other, get feedback on our new efforts, and hear about what’s working for other places. I have walked away from each meeting with at least one new idea or resource I didn’t have before. There is no need to operate in a vacuum, or constantly reinvent the wheel, when there is a community like this!

Christie Hicks

Crested Butte Nordic

CCSAA Round Table Discussion Archives

The level of dedicated Nordic support and collaboration that we have received as a member of CCSAA has be instrumental in our success as a Nordic leader in Canada. Specifically, since the pandemic, the idea sharing and open discussion amongst Nordic operators has, lead through monthly virtual meetings organized by Reese (CCSAA), helped our business find creative solutions to challenges that would otherwise remain unresolved. The collaborative spirit of the Cross Country operators has been very uplifting in difficult times. I would encourage all Nordic operators to join the CCSAA, as the information sharing and relationship building specific to our industry are critical for the continues and growing success of the cross country sector, their resorts, partners, and enthusiasts.

Gareth Houben

Hardwood Ski & Sport

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