Annual  Conference 2021 – 3 Zoom Sessions

This 2021 Annual Conference utilized a three session format spread over three consecutive days.  The daily format for all sessions was a 1 hour moderated panel discussion followed by questions and answers.

The sessions included the following:

Tuesday, April 13 – Customer Retention and Engagement – It’s more than just a mailing list.

The best customer retention tactics enable you to form lasting relationships with consumers who will become loyal to your brand. They might even spread the word within their own circles of influence, which can turn them into brand ambassadors.

Wednesday, April 14 – How to Better Use Technology to Gather Data and Reduce Costs. 

Technology saves your time, effort and money.   This session will examine what platforms are being used in our industry and learn a bit about the information gathered.

Various platforms that ski areas have used this year will be discussed as well as looking at actual data collected this year and what can be learned.

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Thursday, April 15 – Supply Chain – How Will It Affect Participation?

What to expect in the buy/sell cycle for this coming year and a look into the following two years.  Hear from suppliers, reps and retailers about this past year and plans for the next several years.  The panel will include representatives from NPD, suppliers and reps.

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Are yo looking to communicate with presenters and attendees?  Attendee list here:

Zoom Annual Attendance – 2021

Fall Conference 2020 – Zoom Call

The CCSAA Fall Conference took on a different format this year becoming a 3 hour Zoom Meeting.  It will still be a great opportunity to hear and learn from industry experts and ski areas on best practices as we head into this unique year.

The event included 6 30-minute presentations including panel discussions.  Presentations included CCSAA Updates, thoughts and trends for the coming year, supplier updates, COVID documents and round tables, new cross country ski research initiative and pre-school ski school.

Sponsors included: Yellowstone Track Systems

NE Meeting 2019 – Woodstock, VT

(Description coming soon)

Special thanks to the Woodstock Nordic Center, our sponsors and expo attendees:

Sponsors included: HKD, and The SIG Insurance Agency

Expo Attendees included:   SIG Insurance Agency, Prinoth, Pisten Bully, Morton Trails, Rossignol, Yellow Stone Track Systems, Track, Inc., Cean Helmets and Mountain Grooming.

Annual Conference 2019 – Lake Placid, NY

The Cross Country Ski Areas Association wrapped up a fantastic Annual Conference in Lake Placid, NY.  The event, in the heart of the NY Olympic Venues, was attended by over 55 people and included presentations on participation, research, grooming, education, and many hands-on workshops.

There were several presentations aimed at helping our member ski areas increase customer satisfaction, learn more about the industry trends, increasing grooming knowledge, learn about snowmaking fundamentals, create a search and rescue plan, and much more.

On the operations side, there was a PRO ACADEMY grooming certification that 11 attendees took advantage of and a hands on snowmaking presentation.

“I have probably solved 10 issues I have at my center through the one-on-one conversations I have had here”, commented Mike Hussey of Rikert Nordic Center, VT.  “That is why it is important to attend these industry gatherings.”

Socially, in addition to some great late spring skiing, the group learned to curl and spent quality time over beers during the many happy  hours and fireside chats sponsored by The SIG Agency.

CCSAA also honored John Tidd with the CCSAA Founders Award.  Tidd was the founder of Tidd Tech, a grooming implement company and also instrumental in the early days of CCSAA.

Special thanks to our sponsors and expo attendees:

Sponsors included: 10 Week Winter, Prinoth, HKD, The SIG Insurance Agency, Pisten Bully

Expo Attendees included: Soucy Track, Ski Trax, Sig Insurance Agency, Cross Country Ski Magazine, Prinoth, Pisten Bully, PSIA, 10 Week Winter

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