Introducing the exclusive CCSAA Member Discount Program – your passport to savings and special perks! As a valued CCSAA member, you’ll unlock a world of benefits, from generous discounts on a wide range of products and services to access to member events and promotions.

YTS is offering a 2.5% for CCSAA members.  Contact David at YTS for details. 

  • One (1) hour free marketing consulting for new CCSAA members who request it (normal fee $125/hour).
  • 10% discount for all consulting services for all CCSAA members (normal fee $125/hour).
  • Contact Jonathan to schedule a meeting.

Crescent Moon Snowshoes will offer CCSAA Members a 15% wholesale discount on your first order.  Order form HERE.  Email completed order form to Tanner Dunn and reference “CCSAA Discount”.