The 1/6/21 COVID Zoom Round Table dealt with learnings from Holiday Week.  It was noted that the CCSAA consumer website traffic is up 199% for the month of December and up 189% since September 1.   Media interest it at its al time highest and retailers are experiencing bare shelves in the cross country departments.  What are the ski areas seeing? oakland raider arrested viagra homework free viagra cialis or levitra reviews research paper on tattoos infection cialis bandmix click here help me writing my essay follikel groei met clomid flagyl vinegar breast enlargement patch see url see consequences of stealing essay break through bleeding clomid see url essay on slavery and abolition arti kata cialis di bbm d enter missed dose of synthroid flamen cialis transformation of energy essayer faire essay on use of social media in education just walk on by black men and public space thesis click prednisone cost walmart easy viagra alternative Panelists

  • Christie Hicks – Executive Director, Crested Butte Nordic, CO
  • Richard Hodges – Nordic Director, White Pine Touring, UT
  • Dustin Hite – Owner, Osceola Ski & Sport Resort, NY
  • Nick Mahood – Nordic Center and Recreational Trails Director, Woodstock Nordic, VT
  • Sally Jones – Manager, Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Area, CA



Christie – Crested Butte Nordic

  • Have been slammed since Thanksgiving
  • New online systems for ticket sales, rentals and limited retail sales
  • Holiday week saw 5 of their biggest days ever
  • Rental revenue up over 100%, Seasons pass up 40%
  • Online rental platform is Gear-O
  • Seen tons of beginners, having a great time
  • Merchandise sales up 100%


Richard – White Pine Nordic

  • Very snow challenged, have barely been able to set track
  • Every day is like a busy Saturday
  • Have a large influx of Californians as they cannot move about in their state
  • Had to move some COVID signs as crowds increased
  • All lessons moved to private lessons, may never go back to group lessons
  • Operations have been running quite smoothly, lots of thought put into creating some good plans. Season pass sales up 500% despite tourism sales down
  • Retail sales up 300%, scrambling to find boots 39/40/41s.


Dustin – Osceola Ski & Sport

  • Limited early season snow, but currently has great skiing on 6in
  • Have limited rental stock, about 20 pair and they are rented all the time
  • Lodge is open to 50%
  • Began selling skis in August, crazy
  • Rental revenue drastically higher, season pass sales higher
  • Tons of beginners, many coming from alpine


Nick – Woodstock Nordic

  • Anticipated a very busy winter after a busy summer
  • Started selling season passes and equipment far earlier than ever
  • Lack of snow has not slowed pass and ski sales
  • Saturday Dec 19th busiest day ever
  • Many day passes and lessons tied to hotel occupancy that is way down due to state travel restrictions
  • Seeing lots of beginners and lapsed skiers
  • Ski shop busy repairing old equipment
  • Call for season leases which they normally do not do


Sally – Tahoe Donner Cross Country

  • Opened before Thanksgiving
  • Had early season tech issues with new reservation system
  • Biggest capacity issue is parking and is usually at capacity, mostly with season pass holders
  • Day ticket sales OK, season pass sales up
  • Allowed only on-line sales to start – lost some early business from walk-ups
  • Revenue number OK, retail matching last year, food sales way down as there is no indoor dinning and cannot eat on the deck
  • Most people very happy


Robert Lazzaroni – Salomon

  • Reorders have been crazy beginning in September
  • The fire at the Fischer plant will impact wholesale inventory
  • Demand for product next year will be high. Robert suggests you get your orders in early
  • He is planning on an aggressive forecast for next year


Chip – White Grass

  • Already has 42 days on snow
  • Lots of demand, lots of skiing
  • Lots of cross over from alpine and cycling
  • Selling a ton of gear, always sells entire rental fleet and replaces every year
  • Looking for certain boot sizes and will buy at retail prices
  • Mostly classic skiing
  • People want online sales and rentals, they don’t have that yet.


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