NASJA, the North American Snowsports Journalists Association, is an organization of professional communicators including members of the media (travel writers, photographers, editors, content developers, and influencers) and corporate members involved in marketing, public relations, social media, web site development and management, events management and consumer relations. The organization’s role in the snowsports community involves promotional and educational outreach to industry professionals who want to reach a variety of audiences and engage more participants in snow sports. NASJA media members publish content in all types of media outlets – print, radio, blogs, websites, photography and video – to increase awareness of and engagement in snow sports.

Getting publicity in the media about cross country skiing is paramount and one way to do this inexpensively across the land is to invite NASJA members to visit and post information about your ski area. Tell them what makes your operation unique and why people might want to go XC skiing and visit your area.

Invite a NASJA member to try your trails or better yet get them out there on a guided tour of some of your easy trails to talk one-to-one with them. Perhaps they can learn about new XC ski equipment that makes the sport easier. Maybe they can become informed about groomed XC skiing or they could use some technique pointers.

“In the past few years, I’ve been incorporating XC ski areas into NASJA media trips,” said Roger Lohr,  “I’ve helped to introduce NASJA members to fat biking, the SnowCoach, a presentation on new XC binding and ski equipment, and more. Inviting and hosting a nearby NASJA member to visit your area is an easy way to expand awareness about cross country skiing and your operation. Ask CCSAA Executive Director Reese Brown for help to find NASJA members in your area and for more information about creating awareness with publicity click March 2018 – Making a News Release Work for You.”

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