Unlock the potential of AI with ‘Navigating the AI Landscape: Insights, Tools & Tactics for Ski Areas,’ led by Mike Lannen, founder of Eternity. This Zoom Workshop is tailored for the ski industry, focusing on the integration of ChatGPT Free and ChatGPT Plus into business models. 

Attendees will explore the applications of AI in enhancing customer engagement, operational efficiency, and personalized content creation. Experience hands-on demos, delve into security and privacy best practices, and learn how AI can revolutionize every-single-department. Walk away with a comprehensive understanding and practical strategies to elevate your ski area with AI.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Enhanced Customer Interaction: Master AI-driven tools for crafting engaging, personalized communication with guests.
  • Streamlined Operations: Learn how to apply AI for more efficient management of ski area resources and services.
  • Strategic Innovation: Understand the principles of AI integration in marketing and operations to foster a culture of innovation and improvement.

Company: Eternity
Name: Mike Lannen
Title: Founder

Presenter Biography:

Mike Lannen is the Founder of Eternity, a web and digital marketing firm in Burlington, Vermont. As an Eagle Scout, Mike is wholeheartedly committed to making the web a more user-friendly space. He takes pride in building close relationships with all of his clients while keeping a watchful eye on team culture and employee satisfaction. In his downtime, Mike cherishes moments spent with his loving wife and indulging in LEGO-building adventures with his two daughters. Additionally, Mike is deeply passionate about the world of smart homes and the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence.