The Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday May 24 and attended by 18 members ski areas, including for profit and non-profit entities.

BOD Chair Richard Hodges opened the meeting giving a synopsis of the past year of CCSAA business keying in on research, regular Zoom meetings, media and consumer outreach, insurance, the new member forum and other important action items.

He continued with a financial update stating that COVID was challenging for the Association, but CCSAA is still solvent.  This past year CCSAA picked up 29 new members.

As far as the business needing to be conducted, the BOD asked the membership to pass a membership fee increase to help allow the Association to pursue some special projects that have been tabled over the past few years.  The last increase was in 2015.

Motion: To increase membership fees beginning with new fiscal year an average of 8% and allow a 2% increase each year for the next 4 years if the BOD feel it is necessary.  New membership fees would be:

Current Membership Costs                 Proposed

  • Green Ski Area – $370                        $395
  • Blue Ski Area – $450                           $495
  • Black Ski Area – $660                         $725
  • Supplier Basic – $370                         $395
  • Supplier Full – $580                            $630
  • Retailer Green- $55                            $65
  • Retailer Blue – $370                           $395
  • Retailer Black – $660                        $725

Motion by Mike Hussey Seconded by Nate Harvey

Motion passed unanimously

 The meeting concluded with a discussion on new trail homologation.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:21pm Eastern

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