2021 Annual Conference 

The CCSAA Annual Conference will be virtual this spring out of respect for various travel restrictions and guidance from the CDC.  We do hope to return to in person meetings next year.

Conference Format

This year’s Conference will include three 1.5 hour sessions spread over three consecutive days.  The daily format for all sessions will be a 1 hour moderated panel discussion followed by questions and answers.  After the formal part of the session, we will then open up the conversation so more in depth discussion can occur for those interested in a deeper dive.

Dates: April 13, 14 &15, 2021

Time:  All sessions begin at 3pm Eastern Time

Cost:  $40 per person

Session Format

Each session will begin with a short presentation on the subject being discussed followed by what actual ski areas are doing.  Real examples will be used.  There will be time for live questions and answers and the session will continue after the 1 hour mark for those interested in continuing the discussion longer.


Tuesday, April 13 – Customer Retention and Engagement – It’s more than just a mailing list.

The best customer retention tactics enable you to form lasting relationships with consumers who will become loyal to your brand. They might even spread the word within their own circles of influence, which can turn them into brand ambassadors.

Please bring your questions and ideas.

Wednesday, April 14 – How to Better Use Technology to Gather Data and Reduce Costs. 

Technology saves your time, effort and money.   This session will examine what platforms are being used in our industry and learn a bit about the information gathered.

Various platforms that ski areas have used this year will be discussed as well as looking at actual data collected this year and what can be learned.

Thursday, April 15 – Supply Chain – How Will It Affect Participation? – What to expect in the buy/sell cycle for this coming year and a look into the following two years.  Hear from suppliers, reps and retailers about this past year and plans for the next several years.  The panel will include representatives from NPD, suppliers and reps.

Silent Auction

We will again have a silent auction as part of the Annual Meeting.  The Auction will begin Monday, April 12 at 9am and continue until 5pm on Thursday April 15.  If you have an item, please contact Reese for information on getting it listed.

Please remember to bid high and often as your silent auction dollars help CCSAA continue to work for you, the members.