Management Resources

Digitize your Records

  • Digitize your Records – CCSAA has formed a partnership with Cooks Data Services, a group that will take your rental and lesson forms and create digital files from the names and e-mails.


  • PR Tips and Tricks – PR Agency MFA Presentation at the 2017 SIA Show, Denver, CO
  • Making a News Release Work For You – Whether it’s sent via e-mail, snail mail, or fax, a news release is the best way to connect with media. Media lists, media trips, media kits, and photo libraries are your other vital publicity tools, and they’re all interdependent.

Human Resources


  • How to Reach New and Existing Customers – The Game Has Changed, Are You Still In It?
  • Marketing Wellness – In an NSAA Journal article the case for becoming more distinctive and articulate in marketing about “wellness” was made – mountain resorts provide guests with more
  • Research can Make You Money – You probably know that it’s more costly to create a new guest than to persuade a past guest to return (in marketing jargon: “Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Retention”)
  • Consumer Clinics – Partnerships in the Nordic business are invaluable in promoting the sport (and turning a dollar).  Here’s a crash course on how XC area operators can give clinics to the public about every enticement your operation offers, from balloon biathlon to fat biking.
  • Should Trail Use be Free? – It’s worth gently educating the world that XC may not be an expensive sport, but for very good reasons, groomed trails aren’t free.
  • 10 Things Your Resort Should be Doing – Marketing at its simplest is how customers see your business.  This presentation focuses on things your resort can do to stay focused.

On-Line Ticket Sales Platform

  • Liftopia – CCSAA has partnered with Liftopia to offer cloud-based sales for trail passes, lessons and rentals to be made on your own website Setting up the store with Liftopia is quick and easy.


Web Development

  • Working ON your business in the OFF season – After months of working IN your business during the peak cross country ski season, the off-season is the perfect time to work ON strategies that will grow your business next year.
  • Your next customer, who are they? – David Lively from the Lively Merchant presents on how consumer media consumption has shifted and how best to reach your next customer.

Crystal Pass

  • USST Crystal Pass – Similar to the USSA’s Alpine Gold Pass program, the newly created Crystal Pass is for the cross country enthusiast and supporter and is now in its third season.