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Attention to detail has defined Madshus skis for over 100 years. From the bare hands construction in the beginning to today’s finely-tuned production process, our dedication to selecting the highest quality materials and producing the finest skis has never wavered.

The ambition was born in 1906 in a barn on the Vardal farm belonging to Martin Madshus’ father. Crafting his first wooden skis with hand-made tools, the obsession was cemented. Martin’s keen eye for materials focused intently on his core material, the raw wood purchased for shaping skis. Madshus ski builders purchased the wood as standing trees, spending the time inspecting each tree for the highest quality grains and potential cuts. Those that passed the inspection were marked with a Madshus axe, its steel M brand emblazoned to seal each tree’s fate with a Madshus shaper who would turn it into works of wintery art.

The make-up and variation within the raw goods has changed dramatically from the original wood trunks to today’s highly-controlled materials processes, but the principles remain the same. We use only the most well-defined and stable materials for the highest control of the production process and precision with the end product design. We apply that keen craftsman eye to the most thorough testing, and we produce each ski, boot and pole for the same standard of performance, for both the world-class athlete and the end consumer. Since 1906, that’s remained our hallmark, and the blaze from that axe lives on in every Madshus product today.
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413 Pine St Ste 300
Seattle WA
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