As many of you know, CCSAA is working to create ski area data do we as an industry can better understand the factors impacting our industry.   For many years we have been operating in the dark without knowing industry wide our skier days, average days open and where our profit centers are.


CCSAA is now working with many of the state associations to assist in the data collection.  I can assure you that your ski area’s data will not be shared or viewed by anyone other than the third-party vendor who will process the raw data into a usable form.  All ski areas that participate will have access to the complete report.

Our data set has been quite small over the past two years beginning with 26 participating ski areas in 2016/17 and last year with 58 participating ski areas.  We need this number to grow beyond 100 ski areas to help make our data more complete.

Data to collect include:

  • Length of season
  • What are your total KM of groomed trails only counting any section of trail once?
  • Does your ski area require a paid trail pass?
  • How many trail passes did you sell or comp last year?
  • How many season’s passes did you sell in 2018/19?
  • What is your estimate as to the number of times a season pass would be used in a year?
  • How old is your ski and snowshoe rental fleet?
  • Are you planning on replacing all or part of your rental fleet in the next 2 years?
  • Do you currently allow Fat Biking at your ski area?
  • Do you currently have a snowmaking system?
  • Are you considering a snowmaking system in the next two years?
  • If you purchased a new or used groomer in the last 2 years, what kind was it?
    • Snow Cat
    • Snowmobile/Quad
    • Both
    • None
  • Are you planning on purchasing a new or used groomer in the next two years and if so, what kind?
    • Snow Cat
    • Snowmobile/Quad
    • Both
    • None
  • What is your overall revenue for the following categories?
    • Day Tickets
    • Seasons Passes
    • Lessons
    • Rentals
    • Retail
    • Food
    • Beer/Wine/Liquor
    • Lodging
  • LSSM
    • How many participated in the learn to program?
    • How many came back to your ski area and purchase additional skiing, lessons or equipment?
  • What is your profit/loss %?

One of our goals for the next year is to have a far more accurate understanding of the cross country market place and create revenue averages for a variety of ski areas sizes based on skier days.  This will help ski area identify possible revenue streams that are not being take advantage of.

Please contact Reese with any questions.

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