About our use of the Prinoth Husky XC Snowcat with Passenger Cabin

Gene Dayton, Breckenridge Nordic

 The Prinoth Husky XC is an Italian made snow groomer and passenger transport cabin.  Grooming with this machine is a dream come true, and has been a total game changer for us in terms of its performance in setting perfect classic tracks and freestyle skate lanes.  This machine is a gift to our Nordic industry, and is highly valued here at the Breckenridge Nordic Center in Breckenridge, Colorado.

We have been in the Nordic ski and trail grooming business for 52 years.  After much experimentation and investment we firmly believe that this machine is the best and finest equipment that has ever been produced for our Nordic industry.   During the past three ski seasons we have been grooming and offering Snowcat Adventure Interpretive Tours.  These tours are 1 1/2 hour ride alongs, in a heated passenger cabin, they are scheduled in advance X2 per day/evening, with storytelling, music and an historic overview of the Mining History in our area with information on wildlife, flora and fauna.  

The revenue generated by these Snowcat Adventure Tours has more than covered the costs of our grooming operations for each ski season..

While most groomed Nordic Centers might boast “Fresh tracks every day”, our goal is to promote “Fresh tracks every day, all day”.  This becomes possible when we create an opportunity from additional revenues and we are re-grooming trails during the ride along tours.

Our revenue from the Snowcat Adventures will exceed $180,000.00 this season, because we added a second passenger cabin Snowcat to our fleet.  Last year our Snowcat revenue was above $60,000.00 with one Prinoth Husky XC Snowcat Grooming Operator and an Interpretive Guide on each tour.

In January 2021, we added a third Husky XC with a Passenger Cabin because we want to continue making this investment for our business and in order to have Demo Snowcat machines available and for sale.

We believe that this opportunity should and will be embraced throughout the Nordic industry.  It is a potential budget swing opportunity for all ski areas with groomed Nordic ski trails, as well as for trail grooming for other various activities and private property uses.

Germany’s engineering skills in production are fascinating to us. The Husky XC model has a German made Mercedes engine and drivetrain. The combination of German engineering and Italian perfection in automotive design and racing have mastered this incredible Husky XC Snowcat grooming machine, that works perfectly in all snow conditions, given a well trained Snowcat Grooming Operator.

The safety features of the Husky XC are simple and complete. The blade functions and tiller operation are natural and logical movements that are easy to master with basic on-snow training, using the monitor that is clear and easy to understand.

We have been honored to be named the PRINOTH Breckenridge Nordic Demo Center for this product. 

Nordic grooming will change rapidly around the world when others, like us, find additional income to offset grooming expenses.

Thank you for inviting us to participate in the CCSAA Annual Conference sessions via Zoom.


Gene & Therese Dayton and Family


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