Following the highly successful and informative Zoom calls hosted last summer, the Cross Country Ski Areas Association is pleased to announce format and content for the upcoming Member Monthly Zoom Roundtables.   To gain industry insight on topics of interest to CCSAA members, the structure of the next 5 sessions will be as follows:


  • 10 minute introduction to the issue/opportunity to discuss and review expectations
  • 30 minute breakout room session
    • Group members will give a breif introduction of themselves, location and their business
    • Each group to identify a leader
    • Discuss the issue/opportunity
    • Create solutions
    • Prepare to present back to the entire group after the breakout
  • 20 minute breakout room summaries and further discussion

Since the pandemic started, we have been faced with modifying every single thing we do at CB Nordic. It has been extremely helpful to have the CCSAA Round Tables where we can bounce ideas off of each other, get feedback on our new efforts, and hear about what’s working for other places. I have walked away from each meeting with at least one new idea or resource I didn’t have before. There is no need to operate in a vacuum, or constantly reinvent the wheel, when there is a community like this!

Christie Hicks

Crested Butte Nordic

This new format will allow you to speak directly with other participants in small groups and share ideas related to the Roundtable topic.  Group leaders will then report back with solutions or ideas that can then be further discussed by all participants.

The Summer Zoom Roundtable discussions are available to all current members.  Membership expires June 30, 2021, renew now if you have not done so already to insure you don’t miss any Roundtables.

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CCSAA Zoom Roundtable Topics

May 25 – 2pm Eastern Time – Community Outreach

Your local community may well be your largest source for frequent customers, how are you proactively encouraging this group to visit your ski area, purchase a season pass, take a lesson and more?

Participants will work in small groups to identify your local audience, how best to communicate with them and identify the top 5 community outreach ideas to consider.

June 15 – 2pm Eastern Time – Tactics for Increasing Per Person Yield

Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to make a sale or increase a sale?

There are proven ways used by major chains and department stores to increase sales.  What can the cross country ski industry learn from these?  Have you created an inviting environment that encourages your guests to stay after they have skied?  Do you have music or videos playing, do you offer food, do you have a shopping concierge?  Why do so many bike shops also have coffee bars now?  Learn from other ski areas what they are doing to encourage their guests to stay longer and increase yield.

July 20 – 2pm Eastern Time – Cross Country Ski Marketing

How best should CCSAA work with individual ski areas, suppliers and retailers to market the sport of cross country skiing?

This past year saw incredible Nordic growth and sales in both Canada and the US.  Roundtable participants will work with other ski areas to discuss industry wide marketing and communication ideas.  What are the best campaigns/slogans and actionable approaches to continue to grow participation?

August 17 – 2pm Eastern Time – Tactics for Approaching Media; What is Your Unique Story?

Cross country skiing garnered a ton of media this past winter.  Was your operation/club in the news and if not how can you change that?

Learn what CCSAA is doing to attract media and how you can benefit from that effort and use similar tactics to bring attention to your area.  Hear from other operators who have created a compelling story about their ski areas with support from industry trends and CCSAA.

September 21– 2pm Eastern Time–Maximizing Your Lesson Offerings

Increasing emphasis on lessons is not only great for customers, but also for your bottom line.  How can you maximize lesson offerings to provide the service guests want and need and to grow your sales?

Breakout groups will be led by current PSIA Nordic Team members.  They’ll discuss proven solutions for offering a lesson inventory that will resonate with your guests, get them skiing better and more often.  Of special note, they’ll introduce ideas on how to convert those beginner skiers who feel they don’t need a lesson.


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