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    Could we discuss regional grooming clinics?


    Yes, love that idea. I did speak with PB about creating a regional zoom for those that have taken the on-line PRO ACADEMY. Need to follow-up with them.


    Who else is interested in regional grooming clinics?


    Great idea. Might check with ABR Trails in Michigan to see if CCSAA can coordinate. They’ve often run January clinics.


    Always a great idea to loop Eric Anderson at ABR into the local grooming clinic discussion! It would be cool to see if CCSAA could partner with them and provide support.

    Aaron Johnson

    Yes, interested.


    I am thinking about starting grooming clinics that folks from 2-3 hours away can commute to for a day of sharing Ideas and common practices. I think that documenting these Ideas and sharing them with other areas may be great conversation starter. I am going to set something up here in Maine for ME,NH,VT and see how many folks will attend. Knowing how many areas do not have big machines we will cover as many angles that we can.


    Just wanted to throw out an idea… One of the things about a grooming clinic is that it is tough for some to travel and be away in season. I think it would be great for my Crew to attend a clinic but this year in particular, staffing challenges wouldn’t permit the absence.

    As in most years, there should be a full month of skiing this year in May at Mt Bachelor and this could be a great opportunity to convene for a regional or national grooming clinic when most other areas have ceased operations for the year. It’s a good time to travel to Bend, being the “shoulder” season, and dealing with freeze/ thaw conditions, dirty snow, and a host of other scenarios, could be valuable.

    It’s probably out of the question for 2022 and I couldn’t possibly coordinate it, but I could definitely facilitate it, either this year or in the future.


    Interested but as another poster mentioned, travel during the season when there is snow on the ground is a challenge. Might work better to gather at a downhill area at the end of the season or super early in the season, although then we would not be facing actual xc trail situations. It’s perplexing


    Weston Ski Track would be interested.


    I’d love to maybe arrange an alpine area to host – do some grooming set ups in the base area on April snow?


    Rolling out the first regional grooming workshop as part of the Fall Conference at Pineland Farms in Maine on Nov 9. Details here:

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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