The 8/12 CCSAA Round Table Zoom Call was centered around Ski Area Messaging.

Please remember that his is a very fluid situation and that we are discussing solutions for the situation we believe we will be in as winter nears.

We understand that every Nordic center presents its own set of parameters and limitations, and that there will not be a one solution that fits all Nordic centers.  We also are concerned with any reduction of capacity and are looking at how to create new systems that do not rely on cutting our existing skier capacity or any revenue stream.

Call Audio:  

Below are simple take a ways from the call:

Retail Operations Panel

  • Christie Hicks – Executive Director – Crested Butte Nordic, CO
  • Anelise Bergin – Director of Digital Marketing & Communications, Ski Utah
  • Shannon Dunfey-Ball – Marketing and communications manager, Ski NH
  • Holly Johnson – Partner and Media Specialist, Imagica, FL&CO


  • From the Panel:
    • Christie Hicks – Discussed how Crested Butte Nordic petitioned their health department in March to be considered an essential business based on the benefits of cross country skiing to the communities mental and physical well being. Something to consider for all ski areas.
    • Anelise Bergin – Shared messaging techniques on your website. Suggested to have a COVID statement on your home page and not reference it again unless necessary.  The stamen should be as detailed as possible.
    • Shannon Dunfey-Ball – On managing expectations, update your website and social channels with hours and new protocols. Include your google listing.
    • Holly Johnson – on general messaging, ski areas should focus on what you are and not what you are not. COVID Friendly, make it fun.  She also said that video and imagery are huge.  Videos can be simple and short, from an iPhone if that is all you have.  Include tips to make the experience enjoyable, all positive, no negative.
  • Discussed physical distancing vs social distancing. Panel agreed that either was fine.  Most are using social distancing.
  • Discussed a few concepts to consider that may reduce back up at your register.
    • Look to push more people to mid week skiing – similar from picking the times you go to the supermarket
      • Don’t be a Saturday skier
      • Many people are already altering their schedule for going to the bank/supermarket/post office, this could work for skiing
    • Season passes –
      • If you purchase a day ticket several times a year, consider purchasing a season pass to reduce the number of time you must go to the register
      • Detail refund policy due to COVID
    • Rental vs Own
      • If you rent several times a year, consider purchasing to avoid the wait
      • Owners of equipment tend to use the equipment more
    • COVID Statement
      • Shannon created a resource sheet that has several examples.
      • Agreed that more details are better here.
    • Website should include
      • COVID Statement called out on the home page (see Shannon’s examples above)
      • New procedures
      • What to expect
      • Are masks and gloves required?
      • Is the retail store open
      • Reservations needed or suggested
      • Suggested best times to rent or ski
      • Please pass through the indoor space quickly
      • Are you offering food
    • Community Messaging
      • Alert your community to what is happening at your center so they can share with their guests and locals
      • We are open
      • We are following all safety protocols
      • Great for mental health and well being
      • Should be classified as an essential business as it is a great outdoor activity that promotes physical distancing
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